Environment Effects Statement and Planning Permit Applications

Wind Prospect has prepared the Environment Effects Statement (EES) and planning permit applications for the Willatook Wind Farm, seeking approval to develop a 59-turbine wind farm and battery storage facility in south-west Victoria.

The Willatook Wind Farm EES and planning permit applications are available for you to view or download from this page.  The full set of documents is available in PDF format with the EES chapters also available in Word (DOCX) format.

Public exhibition of the EES and planning permit application was from Monday 4 July, 2022 and Friday 12 August 2022. 

The Environment Effects Statement (EES)

How to navigate the EES – Download

EES summary document – PDF

Table of contents – PDF | Word

EES executive summary – PDF | Word

Abbreviations and glossary – PDF | Word


Chapter 1: Introduction – PDF | Word 

Chapter 2: Project rationale – PDF | Word

Chapter 3: Legislation and policy framework – PDF | Word

Chapter 4: Project alternatives and design development – PDF | Word

Chapter 5: Project description – PDF | Word

Chapter 6: Stakeholder consultation – PDF | Word

Chapter 7: Assessment framework – PDF | Word

Chapter 8: Geoheritage – PDF | Word

Chapter 9: Groundwater  – PDF | Word

Chapter 10: Surface water – PDF | Word

Chapter 11: Brolga – PDF | Word

Chapter 12: Biodiversity and habitat – PDF | Word

Chapter 13: Noise and vibration – PDF | Word

Chapter 14: Landscape and visual – PDF | Word

Chapter 15: Traffic and transport – PDF | Word

Chapter 16: Land use and planning – PDF | Word

Chapter 17: Socio-economic – PDF | Word

Chapter 18: Aboriginal cultural heritage – PDF | Word

Chapter 19: Historic cultural heritage – PDF | Word

Chapter 20: Air quality – PDF | Word

Chapter 21: Shadow flicker and blade glint – PDF | Word

Chapter 22: Electromagnetic interference – PDF | Word

Chapter 23: Aviation – PDF | Word

Chapter 24: Cumulative effects – PDF | Word

Chapter 25: Matter of National Environmental Significance – PDF | Word

Chapter 26: Environmental management framework – PDF | Word

Chapter 27: Conclusion – PDF | Word

Chapter 28: References – PDF | Word


Appendix A Geoheritage – PDF 

Appendix B Hydrology and hydrogeology – PDF

Appendix C1 Brolga – PDF 

Appendix C2 Ecological peer review – PDF 

Appendix D Biodiversity – PDF 

Appendix E1 Noise and vibration – PDF 

Appendix E2 Pre-construction noise assessment report verification – PDF

Appendix E3 Noise peer review – PDF 

Appendix E4 Quarry blasting – PDF 

Appendix F1 Landscape and visual – PDF

Appendix F2 Landscape and visual peer review – PDF 

Appendix G Traffic and transport – PDF 

Appendix H Land use and planning – PDF 

Appendix I Economic and social – PDF 

Appendix J Aboriginal cultural heritage – PDF 

Appendix K Historical heritage – PDF

Appendix L Air quality – PDF 

Appendix M Shadow flicker – PDF 

Appendix N Electromagnetic interference – PDF 

Appendix O Aviation – PDF 


Attachment 1 EES Consultation Plan – PDF

Attachment 2 Preliminary Draft Quarry Work Plan – PDF

Attachment 3 Map Book – PDF

Attachment 4 Neighbour Benefit Sharing Program – PDF 


Planning permit applications

Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 the Minister for Planning is the Responsible Authority for all large energy generation facilities and utility installations, which includes wind farms. Two planning permit applications have been submitted to the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning and are available for you to view or download from this page.


Application form – PDF

Planning application report – PDF

Appendix A Map book – PDF

Appendix C Aboriginal cultural heritage – PDF

Appendix D Historical heritage – PDF

Appendix E Economic and social – PDF

Appendix F Traffic and transport – PDF

Appendix G Hydrology and hydrogeology – PDF

Appendix H Environmental Management Framework – PDF

Appendix I Community engagement summary – PDF

Appendix J Noise and vibration – PDF

Appendix K Landscape and visual – PDF

Appendix L Shadow flicker – PDF

Appendix M Electromagnetic interference – PDF

Appendix N Air quality – PDF

Appendix O Aviation – PDF

Appendix P Biodiversity – PDF

Appendix Q Brolga – PDF

Appendix R Neighbour benefit sharing program – PDF


Application form – PDF

Planning application report – PDF  


The EES and planning permit applications were placed on public exhibition for 30 business between 4 July and 12 August and were available for public comment.  

The submission process for the EES is independently managed by Planning Panels Victoria (PPV). Only one submission on the EES is needed to address all your views about the project, its effects, and the relevant documents.

Submissions on the EES were collected by Planning Panels Victoria. Submissions on the planning permit applications were separately collected by the Minister for Planning who is the responsible authority.

Directions Hearing

The Inquiry and Panel held a Directions Hearing at 10.00am on Friday, 2 September 2022 online by video conference using Zoom.   


A panel hearing was conducted between 11 October and 7 November. This provided an opportunity for those who made submissions on the EES or planning applications to be heard at the hearing. Following conclusion of the hearing, the inquiry will submit its report to the Minister to inform the Minister’s assessment for the project.

The Minister for Planning will conclude the EES process by issuing a written assessment of the project’s environmental impacts under the EE Act.

The minister’s assessment is not an approval in its own right however will recommend whether the project’s environmental effects are acceptable and may set out modifications or further management measures that the Minister thinks are appropriate.

For more information, visit the Victorian Government’s engagement website:



Wind by Kawalan Icon from the Noun Project

59 wind turbines

1,300 GWh annual output

Big battery 200MW/400MWh

Short connection to existing transmission network